Dead Boy Detectives Season 1

2024, Action, Adventure, Comedy
Dead Boy Detectives Season 1

Title:- Dead Boy Detectives Season 1
Directors: Lee Toland Krieger
Writers: Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner, Steve Yockey
Cast: George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, Kassius Nelson
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Adventure, Comedy
Synopsis: In episode 1 of Dead Boy Detectives, there is a lot happening. We meet Edwin Payne, who is the smart one, and Charles Rowland the detective. They work together to solve a case. A ghost from World War I is haunting a museum. Someone hired them from the Deadby Detective Agency. This ghost is wearing a cursed mask making it very dangerous. Charles forgot to bring any books on getting rid of ghosts. But he says he doesn’t need them. Using a special mirror Charles and Edwin can travel to where the books are located. However something unexpected happens. Edwin makes an error in his calculations. This leads them to a completely different place instead of where they wanted to go. Look movie offers a selection of the newest films that are available for streaming along with on-demand Tv shows.